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Barlow Research Associates, Inc. Market Research for the Financial Services Industry

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About Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Barlow Research Associates, Inc. (BRAI) was founded in 1980 to provide research to the financial services industry. With a focus on business banking relationships, Barlow Research provides syndicated and custom solutions to the market research needs of the largest banks in the United States. If you have any questions about BRAI, its services, or market research related to business banking relationships, please contact us.

History of the Company

Founded in 1980, BRAI initially specialized in calculating market share data for major banks throughout the United States. BRAI's founder, John Barlow, saw a gap between what commercial bank marketing managers needed to know about their market share and what was available to them. In addition, deregulation in the financial industry was blurring the traditional markets banks enjoyed and allowing new companies to enter the field.

During the early years of the company, BRAI branched out to provide additional research-related services to client banks across the country. This move expanded our expertise in survey research, qualitative research and consulting.

In 1986, BRAI developed the Customer Relationship Audit® (CRA), a proprietary product which soon became the company's biggest source of revenue. The CRA provides client feedback at all levels of the bank, including the account officer level, and combines it with profitability data, making it a valuable tool for bank management.

Rapid consolidation in the banking industry over the past several years has provided additional opportunities for BRAI, as new managers need to know the position they hold in their new markets. BRAI's staff has developed the expertise to create and implement research studies of all levels of complexity for the banking industry. Non-bank financial service companies such as suppliers of banking services, accounting firms and finance companies have also approached BRAI to provide custom research for their needs.

In 2000, BRAI created the Small Business Banking Membership Research Group, our first venture in membership-based syndicated research. This syndicated research program provided a select number of clients the opportunity to design and participate in nationwide research on specific topics. These topics were more in-depth and covered wider markets than any individual subscriber could do on their own.

Today, BRAI has three syndicated research programs: Small Business, Middle Market and Business Internet Banking. These syndicated programs continue to offer nationwide research focused on topics of interest for our clients. In addition to valuable information gained through our nationwide syndicated survey, members of these programs gain valuable information from Web conferences, newsletters and BRAI’s annual client conference. Recently, BRAI has leveraged the iDatabase, a database of past syndicated respondents, to complete custom research projects for our clients, as well as launch the Economic Pulse survey.

As the financial services industry continues on a path of unprecedented change, Barlow Research Associates, Inc. continues to deepen its relationship with its clients and develop ways to meet the needs of the industry. It also builds on its growing reputation as the premier custom research firm servicing the banking industry.