Conference Agenda


2018 Business Banking Conference Agenda

U.S. Bank Stadium Minneapolis, MN
Rendering: HKS Architects, Courtesy of SMG & U.S. Bank Stadium

Monday, May 21st, 2018 (Times Subject to Change)

8:30 am
BAI – Business Banking Insights - Executive Workshop - NW Red Zone Lounge
(Open to Bank attendees only)
In this interactive session, you’ll learn about key industry trends impacting the business banking segment. You’ll work with peers in small groups to identify, prioritize and address the issues and opportunities you face with customer acquisition, talent management, marketing, fraud prevention and more. You'll walk away with insights and ideas that can be implemented immediately while expanding your professional network to draw upon peer expertise long after the conference.
Karl Dahlgren, Managing Director, BAI
Byron Marshall, Director, BAI
10:00 am
Workshop: Sageworks - Digitizing SMB Loans: Overcoming speed and borrower experience concerns - NE Red Zone Lounge
Institutions are challenged with making SMB loans as efficient as possible to preserve margins while also competing to give borrowers the experience they deserve. In this presentation, Sageworks’ Steven Martin explains how digitization can bring SMB lending departments up to speed with faster turnaround times.
Steven Martin, Vice President, Sageworks
11:00 am
Exhibitor hall opens - Hyundai Club
11:00 am
Spotlight: Why stop at credit? Fundation’s digital business banking solutions - NW Red Zone Lounge
Gaining efficiency and opening a digital channel in small business credit delivery has been the primary focus of alternative lenders and fintechs that are offering their solutions to the banking community. Fundation, already the market leader in digital credit delivery, is expanding their suite of services to help drive their partners' overall digital agenda.
Sam Graziano, CEO, Fundation
11:15 am
Lunch service begins - Hyundai Club
12:00 pm
Conference opens - Hyundai Club
12:05 pm
Trendspotting: Simple needs. Five complex solutions - Hyundai Club
As the rate of change accelerates, it is critical to get your strategic vision correct so your bank can bear down on execution. Learn how Barlow Research is revamping its information technology and the five trends we are tracking that are driving change in business banking.
John Barlow, President, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.
12:45 pm
Keynote: The future is out there: Innovation themes that will reshape how we serve business clients - Hyundai Club
Long overlooked in favor of larger corporate segments, business banking is now driving the innovation agenda. Learn about the themes Fifth Third believes will reshape how we serve our business clients in the future.
Bridgit Chayt, SVP – Director, Commercial Payments & Treasury Management, Fifth Third Bancorp
1:20 pm
Make way for Gen Z! - Hyundai Club
Based on the results of a national Gen Z research study, GenZ@Work, this dynamic father-son multi-generational duo shed light on what makes this newest generation tick. Who are they? What are their expectations around careers and the workplace? How have changes in parenting styles shaped them in new ways? What’s it going to take to get this generation in the door, on board and up to speed?
David Stillman, Gen Z Guru
Jonah Stillman, Gen Z Guru
2:05 pm
Break & networking - Hyundai Club
2:20 pm
Small Business breakout - NW Red Zone Lounge
How are small business banking leaders transforming and enhancing the customer journey?
Moderated by Sandy Hanson, Small Business Program Director, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.
Gavin Geraci, Chief Operating Officer, Business Banking, PNC
Tim Schmidt, Head of SME Product Development and Implementation, Bank of the West
Cathi Stanton, SVP, Product Planning & Strategy, U.S. Bank
2:20 pm
Middle Market breakout - NE Red Zone Lounge
Gearing up for the next generation of business owners: Where are the opportunities for transformation and process change?
Moderated by Donna Arce, Client Executive/Middle Market Program Director, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.
Ken LaChance, Senior Vice President, Regional Vice President, Middle Market Banking, Wells Fargo & Company
Tory Passon, Vice President, Middle Market Partnerships and Innovation, U.S. Bank
Lindsey Farrell Stampone, SVP, Business Banking Market Executive for Minnesota, Bank of America
3:15 pm
Beyond the Chatbot: Innovation for a voice-first future and how conversational AI platform has redefined fintech - Hyundai Club
Himi Khan, VP of Product for Clinc, will discuss the recent transformation of AI in Financial Services and the tremendous opportunity to leverage conversational AI to improve your customer experience, increase ROI on emerging technologies and redefine your banking experience. A sophisticated voice-user interface that is well-integrated into your customer touch points has the potential to consolidate your customer’s evolving financial needs, reduce the complexity in their financial landscapes and provide instant access to information and insights. Selecting the right vendor for conversational AI enables you to deliver human-in-the-room level experiences that will not only attract new customers, but also reshape the mid-market banking industry.
Himi Khan, VP of Product, Clinc
3:50 pm
Digital Business Banking panel discussion - Hyundai Club
How will financial institutions move beyond digitizing processes to change the way customers interact with their banks?
Moderated by Youa Yang, Digital Banking Program Director, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.
Will Barr, Senior Vice President, Small Business Deposits Executive, Bank of America
Christopher Fritz, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Solutions, SunTrust
Kevin Groger, Digital Business Banking Relationship Manager, Chase
4:40 pm
Innovation showcase - Hyundai Club
Seven minute demos of cutting edge solutions designed to grow revenue and enhance the customer experience. At the conclusion of the session, please visit the conference app to vote for Best in Show.
Avoka LendingFront VerticalIQ Xero
5:15 pm
Wine reception - Hyundai Club
6:30 pm
Evening free

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 (Times Subject to Change)

7:00 am
Breakfast - Hyundai Club
7:30 am
NextTech Workshop #1: Art of the possible - Intelligent data mining with IBM Watson - NE Red Zone Lounge
The information an organization collects is an incredibly rich and valuable resource. However, mining that data can be a daunting task, not for the faint of heart. To harness its full potential, the data-mining process needs to be effective and efficient in order to pinpoint major learnings to drive your strategies. In this session, IBM will showcase how Watson uses artificial intelligence to surface business banking trends and key insights by analyzing Barlow’s raw data.
Youa Yang, Digital Banking Program Director, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.
Grace Brasington, Global Leader for Risk and Compliance in Watson Financial Services Solutions, IBM Watson Financial Services
7:30 am
NextTech Workshop #2: Gold-standard data visualization - Answers at the speed of thought - NW Red Zone Lounge
Data visualization seems to be the new buzz word in business analytics. Today, in light of big data, you may have access to more data than you know what to do with. How do you synthesize it all and make it understandable to your audience? Data visualization is a powerful communication tool that allows you to present data that is easy to understand and easy to be shared. In this session, we will highlight Barlow Research’s new bank performance dashboards and learn how two leading financial organizations are utilizing our vast array of data on small business and middle market companies with their own data visualizations.
Sandy Hanson, Small Business Program Director, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.
Jackie Cooperman, Principal Market Researcher, Capital One
Kamal Rajan, Senior Vice President & Head of Market Analytics & Strategy, Business Banking Group, Wells Fargo
8:30 am
Keynote: Keeping up with our customers - Hyundai Club
Every day customers experience new innovations that make their lives easier. Many of these innovations can be accessed on their phone. And whether it is tracking the progress of your pizza delivery on a Domino’s app, getting insurance almost instantly from Lemonade or ordering a taxi through Uber, the innovations that customers experience in other industries directly affect their views of what a bank should do for them. In this session, we will explore new trends across consumer-oriented industries and talk about the implications for business banking.
Timothy A. Welsh, Vice Chairman, Consumer Banking Sales and Support, U.S. Bancorp
9:05 am
Creating Winning Partnerships: A fireside chat with Mirador and Tompkins VIST Bank - Hyundai Club
Trevor Dryer, CEO and co-founder of Mirador and Neena M. Miller, Chief Credit Officer of Tompkins VIST Bank, will discuss the transformative journey undertaken by Tompkins as they moved from a traditional, paper-based small business loan process to a completely digital, intelligent experience. Through their partnership with Mirador, Tompkins Financial rolled out “Lightening Loans” in January 2017 and has since processed over $113 million in small business loans. Miller will share insights, best practices and lessons learned guaranteed to help all financial institutions as they move to intelligent small business lending.
Trevor Dryer, CEO and co-founder, Mirador
Neena M. Miller, Chief Credit Officer, Tompkins VIST Bank
9:35 am
Break & Networking
9:50 am
Voice of the Business Customer: CoWorking - The surprising flip-side of the digital revolution - Hyundai Club
It started with millennial, open-source programmers, in a single 5,000 square foot space. Today, there are 17,000 coworking spaces globally, with 2.3 million customers. In an era where “digital" is disrupting nearly everything, how is it that workers and companies are flocking to physical workspaces? Weren’t all bankers supposed to be found in a branch or behind the desk of a downtown tower? What does the rise of coworking tell us about what’s changing – and what remains the same – in society and business? Learn about Coco's financial journey from a bootstrapped business to the launch of Fueled Collective and how banks can best support similar start-ups. A conversation between:
Laura Oberst, Executive Vice President, Head of Business Banking Group, Wells Fargo & Company
Don Ball, Co-Founder of Coco and Chief Social Officer, Fueled Collective
10:20 am
Keynote: Driving small business through the evolving branch network - Hyundai Club
If leveraged properly, the branches can be a tremendous source of small business customer acquisition and expansion. During this session, key topics such as digital innovation, marketing approaches, branch configuration and banker training and engagement will be discussed.
Ryan S. Goldberg, Executive Vice President, Head of Priority Banking and Branch Small Business, Consumer Services Group, Regions Bank
10:50 am
Awards / Recognition - Hyundai Club
Learn the winner of the Best in Show Innovation Showcase and Barlow’s Small Business and Middle Market banking CAMELS(TM) winners.
Linda O'Connell, Managing Partner, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.
10:55 am
Monarch winners panel - Hyundai Club
The 2018 Monarch Innovation Award winners will discuss how they are transforming business banking through innovative products and services. Discussion will include how innovation is managed at each organization, the methods used to push innovation forward from product ideation to public launch and what themes of innovation we can expect to see in the next few years.
Co-moderator: Nick Miller, President, Clarity Advantage
Co-moderator: Mary Beth Sullivan, Managing Partner, Capital Performance Group
Stéphane Bousquet, Senior Manager, Digital Solutions, Business Banking, Capital Markets & Insurance, National Bank of Canada
Imran Haider, Head of Wells Fargo API Gateway, Wells Fargo & Company
Jay Valanju, Director of Corporate Development, Autobooks
11:30 am
The Next Wave: Transformational technology in the next decade - Hyundai Club
There are always little waves going on in tech, but every ten years there is a transformative wave. The PC, the Internet and mobile were the last three waves. The next wave is a combination of artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality and will be the most transformative wave we've seen to date.
Gene Munster, Managing Partner and Co-founder, Loup Ventures
12:15 pm
Conference adjourned (Box lunch provided) - Hyundai Club
12:30 pm
Banker of the Future forum (Lunch provided) - NW Red Zone Lounge
By invitation only
12:30 pm
Cash Flow Management forum (Lunch provided) - NE Red Zone Lounge
By invitation only
12:45 pm
Tour of U.S. Bank Stadium
*Note: Special tours will be offered to those attending the Banker of the Future forum or the Cash Flow Management forum
Join us for a 45 minute tour of the U.S. Bank stadium facility, featuring the playing field, Vikings locker room and various concourses/specialty club areas.
3:00 pm
Cash Flow Management forum ends
4:30 pm
Banker of the Future forum ends

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