Finding Core Deposits Study

Finding Core Deposits Study


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Business deposit solutions are not mass market products.

Fewer than one in five businesses hold 80% of all deposits.

Finding Core Deposits Study

Overview and Objectives

The Finding Core Deposits study will focus on identifying which key segments (e.g., industry, sales volume and business age) present the best opportunity to increase core deposits by analyzing deposit balances, sizing opportunities and aligning target markets with different deposit product strategies.

Finding Core Deposits is a three-component study that explores the deposit behaviors of businesses across various sales volume ranges. Key research questions include:

  1. What type of businesses have high balances...
    • From stable excess cash reserves (tend to hold high balances in interest-bearing accounts)
    • Because of liquid nature of their business (tend to hold high balances in demand deposit accounts)
  2. Who are the primary targets for growing deposits with an in-footprint strategy vs. an outside of footprint strategy?
  3. How is the current rate environment influencing deposit product adoption/attrition and what are the primary factors businesses consider before adopting deposit products?


Deliverables include a synthesized report of key findings from each component of the study and an in-person presentation.
There are three reports available, each is unique to a specific sales volume range:

Report 1: $100K-<$5MM
Report 2: $5MM-<$25MM
Report 3: $25MM-<$500MM

Report will be available in January 2020.


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