2020 Digital Account Opening Study

Small Business Merchant Services Study
Small Business Merchant Services Study

2020 Small Business Digital Account Opening Study

Essential Insight for Optimizing Contactless Deposit Acquisition: The Small Business Customer Experience and Competitive Intelligence

Barlow Research’s ongoing customer experience evaluation of the digital account application process will allow your organization to follow the small business customer journey to a new business checking account. Through the Barlow CX Lab, we perform a detailed investigation of the online account opening process to a new business checking account for a small business among a competitive set of providers. Barlow Research evaluates each step of the experience using criteria relevant to small business owners' interests. The customer experience is video captured to provide an experiential record of the entire process. Timelines and copies of all documentation collected throughout the application process are included. This research will provide a better understanding of how each tested organization deploys their digital account opening process for small businesses.

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2020 Digital Account Opening Study

NEW Competitive Intelligence Initiative from Barlow's CX Lab! Testing the actual customer experience of sole proprietors and multi-owner firms applying for a new business checking account online at seven institutions.
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