Digital-Physical Servicing Study

Digital-Physical Servicing Study


Insights to inform optimizing the service experience!

How can financial institutions blend digital and physical servicing channels to better serve their customers?

Digital-Physical Servicing Study

Overview and Objectives

The Digital-Physical Servicing study will gather voice of the customer data to aid in informing the strategic direction financial institutions should take in order to optimize their channels to work together to meet the needs of small business customers.

The study will also evaluate five small business banks via a Customer Experience (CX) lab to understand how those banks are working through balancing their digital and physical channels to serve customers.

Key research questions include:

  1. What channels do small business owners prefer to contact when performing different types of transactions or asking for help?
  2. How can banks utilize digital and/or physical channels to optimize the customer journey in key moments of truth that could impact the banking relationship?
  3. What are the current best practices in the marketplace?


Study deliverables include:

  • A synthesized report of the analysis and key findings from each component of the study
  • Animated journey maps and pertinent screen captures
  • In-person or WebEx presentation highlighting key insights

Deliverables are scheduled for completion in Q1, 2020


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