2021 Fintech Digital Account Opening Study

Fintech Digital Account Opening Study
Fintech Digital Account Opening Study

2021 Fintech Digital Account Opening Study

Barlow Research provides an inside look at the digital account opening process for 11 technology companies. Let us help you navigate the ever-changing competitive landscape!

One of the most important developments currently unfolding in the digital business banking space involves new product offerings from fintech disrupters. Many competitors have come to market or partnered with financial institutions to provide products and services for small businesses that mirror the core functionality provided by traditional financial institutions – including business checking and savings accounts. It is critical to understand how these products/services are delivered and what makes each competitor unique in the business banking ecosystem.

Study Goals

Provide the net-new, single-owner small business digital account opening experience for a business deposit account (if applicable) and catalog each provider’s merchant service functionalities where available.


  • Summary report containing analysis, customer journey maps, pertinent screenshots and appendix of research questions
  • PDF copies of documents/agreements/pricing disclosures provided during each evaluation
  • Customer experience videos
  • Web conference presentation

Results published

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