Monarch Innovation Award Winners

Join the ranks of industry leaders with the Monarch Innovation Awards!

Monarch Award Recipients

The Monarch Innovation Awards are presented by Barlow Research Associates, Inc., and are made to recognize B2B innovations within the financial services industry. Awards are presented to financial institutions and industry partners that provide the most innovative products to business customers as well as recognize risk takers who create/promote innovation within their organizations.

2021 Monarch Innovation Awards Timeline
April–December 4, 2020 Nominations Accepted
January–February 2021 Judging of Nominations
April 2021 Announcement of Award Winners

John Barlow President Barlow Research Associates, Inc. "Changing the culture from punishing failures to celebrating successes is the first step in creating an enterprise innovation strategy. Competing for a Monarch Innovation Award is positive recognition for the individuals and teams that make change happen."
John Barlow, President, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.