2019 Ohio Market Segment Studies

2019 Ohio Market Segment Studies


Competitive intelligence you can't get anywhere else!

Barlow Research will size the universe, detail the competitive landscape and provide qualitative feedback from companies in market on their receptivity to Bank of America as a new market entrant.

2019 Ohio Market Segment Studies 2019 Ohio Market Segment Studies 2019 Ohio Market Segment Studies

Overview and Objectives

Bank of America has set its sights on taking a foothold in the Ohio market place – a state that is currently dominated by large regional banks such as Huntington, PNC, Fifth Third, U.S. Bank, Key Bank, Chase, who has a notable presence there, and an array of smaller financial institutions. This strategic move presents several key questions:

  • What is the allure of the Ohio market?
  • What does the current competitive landscape look like?
  • Can a big-bank build traction in a market such as this?

To provide timely guidance, Barlow Research is conducting two separate deep dive analyses: 1) Ohio Small Business segment (companies $100K-<$10MM in annual revenue) and the 2) Middle Market segment (companies $10MM-<$500MM in annual revenue).


Deliverables include an executive summary and analysis, available on the Barlow Research web portal. WebEx presentation available upon request.

Report will be available in four weeks.


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