Providing Valuable Human Touches in a Self-Service Business Banking World posted 07/13/2018







Featuring: Brent Reinhard (Chase Business Banking), Sandy Hanson and Linda O'Connell (Barlow Research Associates, Inc.)

Small business ($100K-<$10MM in sales) owners are changing the way they deal with their primary bank. With this change, we have lost some of our human connection with our small business customers as their usage of digital and self-service channels continues to increase. While not every small business wants a visit by an Account Officer, it is important to identify those that do and try to meet their expectations. With the changing dynamics of how we connect with our customers (more digitally), we need to continue to strive to think differently and transform the traditional banking models.

Join Barlow Research for a one-hour webcast as we share the Voice of the Business Customer data, as well as listen to insights from Brent Reinhard of Chase Business Banking.

You will learn about:

  • Small businesses’ current channel usage and contact preferences and how these have changed over time
  • How the industry is doing on meeting small businesses’ expectations for in person visits and calls and how this impacts overall bank delight and loyalty
  • How managing expectations, especially for days for a loan response, is important and the impact it has on brand attributes

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in small business or business banking, relationship management, marketing, market research or line of business strategy.

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