Middle Market Customer Panel Discussion: How Digital Banking Is Used for Business posted 08/08/2018







Featuring: Youa Yang and Dustin Greelis (Barlow Research Associates, Inc.), and a focus group of Middle Market financial decision makers

Digital banking is essential for a middle market company ($10MM-<$500MM in annual sales). Barlow Research data shows that the middle market segment is showing an online banking adoption rate of 88% with 17% utilizing the mobile banking channel at their primary bank. Due to the large size of a middle market company, the user experience may vary widely from a smaller sized company based on how digital banking channels are used, which individuals need access to accounts and which functionalities are most frequently used.

Join Barlow Research on Friday, August 3rd, 2018 as we host a live panel discussion with middle market financial decision makers to learn:

  • How they are currently using digital banking channels and their experience
  • How they view the mobile banking channel and how it could be helpful to their business
  • What online/mobile banking features work well and where are the opportunities for improvement
  • If a superior digital banking channel would cause them to switch banks

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in digital business banking, middle market banking, marketing, market research or strategy.

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