Sixteen Commercial Banking Sales Success Practices posted 09/07/2018







Featuring: Jack Hubbard (St. Meyer & Hubbard) and Emily Anderson (Barlow Research Associates, Inc.)

Is Consultative selling dead? Is Solution selling in the rear-view mirror? Does the old playbook no longer work in commercial banking sales? Join this fast paced one-hour webcast for practical insights from Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer of St. Meyer & Hubbard. Jack believes in this highly competitive environment, trust-based selling is the answer.

In this session, Jack will talk about the 5Cs of trust-based selling, what clients want from their banker, who to follow, what to read and free resources that are priceless. This includes the importance of LinkedIn and the value of lists sourced from Sales Navigator. Jack will share bank and banker case studies, best practices and discuss what the culture must do to sustain the process.

In this session, you will learn about Barlow Research Voice of the Customer metrics for:

  • The percent of companies that purchased a new product from their primary bank in the last twelve months
  • How primary bank Account Officers currently perform against priority ratings for "understanding my company’s objectives" and "making effective use of my time"
  • How the likelihood of repurchasing from the primary bank fluctuates based on the number of Account Officer in-person visits

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in small business banking, business banking, middle market banking, relationship management, marketing, internal partners, sales managers or line of business strategy.

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