Live Panel Discussion: The Middle Market Banking Credit Experience posted 05/03/2019







Featuring: Donna Arce and Bella Cowdin (Barlow Research Associates, Inc.)

Credit is very important in the middle market banking segment. The majority of middle market companies (companies $10MM-<$500MM in annual revenues) are borrowers. However, when asked if their primary bank effectively meets their credit needs, large banks receive lower ratings compared to medium and small banks. In addition, customers in the middle market banking segment report that the average loan approval time takes longer than they prefer.

Join Barlow Research on May 3rd for a live panel discussion with middle market companies about their decision to borrow and their credit application journey. Gather key take-aways from these panelists' recent experiences with applying for credit.

In this session you will learn about:

  • The percent of middle market companies that applied for credit in the past 12 months
  • Middle market metrics on key bank attributes that relate to borrowing
  • Insights from middle market companies that have recently applied for credit

This discussion is designed for anyone involved in middle market or business banking relationship management, strategy, customer experience, sales, service, credit managers, market research or marketing.

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