Trendspotting 2019: Eight Numbers Shaping Business Banking posted 06/07/2019







Featuring: John Barlow (Barlow Research Associates, Inc.)

Accelerating innovation, swings in demographics and challenges with digital-physical servicing are catalysts in an ever-changing business banking landscape. In this webcast, John Barlow will share how eight numbers will have an impact on the financial services industry.

The Trendspotting presentation is an annual staple at the Barlow Research Business Banking Conference, and we’re happy to share this presentation with those who were not able to attend this year’s event in Chicago.

In this webcast, Barlow Research will explore the business banking trends that we believe will impact the industry, including:

  • Slowing population growth
  • Credit online and in-person preferences
  • Skyrocketing money supply

This discussion is designed for anyone involved in small business and middle market relationship management, sales and sales management, marketing, market research, risk management or line of business strategy.

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