Is Your Small Business Footprint Under Attack? posted 07/12/2019







Featuring: Mary Beth Sullivan, Managing Partner, Capital Performance Group and Sandy Hanson, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Media headlines abound lately about large banks expanding branch presences in different areas across the country. While many banks are focused on the digital transformation and some are even going branchless, why is now a time to expand physical locations? The branch is still the channel with the highest incidence of use among small businesses ($100K-<$10MM). These companies want a personal touch to their banking relationship and convenience is paramount.

Join Barlow Research for a one-hour webcast as we share Voice of the Business Customer data and hear from Mary Beth Sullivan on the various elements of a good referral program and how it needs to be a multitiered approach.

You will learn about:

  • Which banks are gaining or losing primary bank market share and where; and why small businesses add banks and ultimately change primary banks
  • How convenience in banking has changed over time
  • Why small businesses choose to refer others to their primary bank

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in small business or business banking, relationship management, marketing, market research or line of business strategy.

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