Innovation in Practice: 2011 Monarch Innovation Awards posted 03/11/2011







Featuring Monarch Innovation Award Judges:
Nick Miller - President, Clarity Advantage
Phil Tauchen - Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Hear from our panel of thinkers, authors and consultants to the financial services industry about why innovation is critical during a time when many in the financial industry are struggling. Our panelists serve as judges of the 2011 Barlow Research Monarch Innovation Awards, where they rated nominated products, features and industry partners based on the following criteria: uniqueness, stickiness, defendability, value and ease of use.
Specifically, we will:

Discuss the importance of innovation during a time of change
Talk about what is innovative in today's marketplace
Announce the recipients of the 2011 Monarch Innovation Awards
Examine the characteristics of the winning submissions

The discussion is designed for anyone involved in innovation, new product development or competitive intelligence.

Thank You.

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