U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, BCSG and Xero Win Barlow Research's 2016 Monarch Innovation Awards posted 04/01/2016

Press Release



Press Release


Barlow Research Press Release - April 1st, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS, April 1/Business Wire/ - U.S Bank, Wells Fargo, BCSG and Xero are winners in Barlow Research’s 2016 Monarch Innovation Awards, announced Friday. The winners were chosen based on their innovative products and features.

The Monarch Innovation Awards (www.MonarchInnovationAwards.com) are unique and coveted. The 2016 Monarch Award nominations are scored based on uniqueness, stickiness, dependability, ease of use, value and their ‘wow’ factor. This year’s winners were rigorously judged by a panel of four jurists: Robert Berini, Genpact, Ltd.; Bill Hippensteel, BAI; Nick Miller, Clarity Advantage Corporation; and Mary Beth Sullivan, Capital Performance Group.

Most Innovative Product Award: U.S. Bank Multi Service Aviation App
MSA Pay is the first mobile payment app in the general aviation space. The app provides a complete solution for pilots: order, fulfillment, payment, back office. It reduces paper by eliminating the cumbersome process of receipt and invoice tracking. Pilots can pay direct from the cockpit, or the pilot's lounge, the restaurant, the hotel – from anywhere, without worrying about chasing down a paper invoice or a receipt. It all happens directly from their phones. Electronic invoicing via MSA Pay frees pilots to focus on clients, rather than paper work.

Most Innovative Feature Award: Wells Fargo CEO Mobile Biometric Authentication
Wells Fargo has combined multiple biometric characteristics to deliver a unique solution, significantly improving security while also simplifying the user experience by eliminating the need to remember complex passwords, enter PINs and token codes, and maintain a security token fob for mobile banking access. Wells Fargo is offering two new biometrics options: Face+Voice and Eyeprint. The biometric authentication process takes less than 15 seconds to complete, helping to make the CEO Mobile service easier and faster to use.

Most Innovative Industry Partner: BCSG db Impresa eXtra
The BCSG platform provides Deutsche Bank with the capability to remodel its small and medium business (SME) digital engagement strategy using value led communication. This provides their SME customers with timely, contextual and personalized engagement over their lifecycle, building loyalty right from the start. Customers benefit from the following: targeted tools, high-quality insights and data that big businesses enjoy but in a format they can understand and afford, helping them to make better business decisions.

Overall Most Innovative Award: Xero TaxTouch App
Xero TaxTouch is a mobile app for iOS that is a worry-free way for freelancers and contractors to save money by tracking income and tax liability on the go. The easy-to-use, mobile app lets you quickly organize bank and credit card transactions by separating business and personal expenses - swipe right for business or left for personal. Xero TaxTouch helps the freelance nation maximize take-home income as well as prepare for quarterly tax payments. Xero TaxTouch provides continual insights into what you owe and what you can deduct, all conveniently accessible anywhere at any time.

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