Success Story



When a leading bank needed to measure their performance against the competition and understand where they were underperforming, they were challenged by the limited research requests that could be made to their customers. Additionally, they wanted the peer bank comparison to be unbiased in a non-sponsored format.


To determine their competitive position in the market, this institution subscribed to Barlow Research's Syndicated Small Business Program and Barlow Research's Syndicated Middle Market Banking Program. The institution was able to see how they—and their competitors—performed in six areas making up Barlow Research's CAMELS™ Scores: Channel satisfaction, Attitude toward the bank, Management of relationships, Error avoidance, Loyalty product cross-sell ratio, and Selling performance.


This institution was able to use their results to better understand in which areas they were performing well and where they needed improvement. Since the data from these two programs is tracked on a quarterly basis since 2000, this institution has been able to see how their scores have changed year-over-year.

"The wealth of data and deliverables we get from being subscribed to Barlow Research's Syndicated Programs is invaluable. We are able to get national normative data in both the Small Business and Middle Market spaces, as well as peer bank comparisons. Over the 10 years that we've been subscribers, we've gotten to see our scores improve year-over-year. It is with the knowledge provided by these Programs that we've been able to implement strategies to get to where we are today."

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