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Digital Business Banking Program Details

For over 10 years, our annual survey of online banking customers has given us unique insight into companies in this space with annual sales of $100 thousand to <$500 million. Membership to our Digital Business Banking Program includes:

  • Annual Digital Business Banking Report and Presentation
  • 24/7 Access to Barlow Research's Digital Business Banking Test Drive™ and Roadmap
  • Two customized "Live" visits to Test Drive platforms
  • Barlow Research's First Friday Web Conference series
  • Weekly Barlow Business Banking Analyst's Journal articles
  • Online archive of past articles and web conferences
  • Quarterly trending digital business banking adoption data
  • Participation in Barlow Research's Business Banking Conference

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  • Adoption rates for usage and feature/function priorities in the small and middle market segments
  • Fully narrated video captures and scoring of our experience with 90+ unique features and functions for 14 top banks/fintechs small business online and mobile offerings


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Given the increased competition to win core deposit relationships, the stakes are higher than ever for financial institutions to digitize and streamline the deposit account opening process for small businesses ($100K-<$10MM in annual sales).

Essential Resources to Direct SB Strategy

Barlow Research’s Small Business Banking Program provides quantitative voice of the business customer insight and competitive intelligence to drive initiatives for growth and retention.

Business Banking Conference 2024

Come join us in Charlotte for a day-long session to engage with your peers and hear from world class experts on the latest in small business, middle market and digital banking!

Analyst's Journal - Jul 24, 2024

Small Businesses Struggle with Desired Cash Reserves and Collecting Payments, Yet They Are Hesitant to Change Their Cash Flow Process

Managing cash flow is critical for the survival and growth of small businesses ($100K-<$10MM in sales)...

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