Account Officer Management: Identifying Strengths and Collecting Actionable Customer Feedback posted 01/11/2019







Featuring: Mark Valentino (Citizens Bank), Timothy Bergstrom (Webster Bank), Donna Arce (Barlow Research Associates, Inc.) and Emily Anderson (Barlow Research Associates, Inc.)

The Account Officer is the center of the middle market relationship. The Account Officer navigates the bank on behalf of the customer and empowers a team within the bank to effectively service the customer. Undoubtedly, some Account Officers are stronger than others in their role and the key is to identify strengths and effective work practices and emulate them throughout your organization.

Join Barlow Research on January 11th as we talk with two banks that have implemented Customer Relationship Audits to measure strengths and solicit actionable feedback from their customers. Learn about the culture of their banks as we discuss Account Officer attributes and best practices.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Key drivers of customer satisfaction with an Account Officer
  • Current Account Officer performance metrics
  • How banks have utilized Customer Relationship Audit studies to enhance service delivery

This discussion is designed for anyone involved in middle market or small business relationship management, transformation, strategy, customer experience, sales, service, business development, training, market research or marketing.

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