Leveraging Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience: KeyBank's Success with Small Business Wellness Review posted 08/02/2019







Featuring: Justin Hunsaker, Business Banking Product Strategy, KeyBank, Cheryl Foilb, SVP, Director BB Segment Strategy, Development and Execution, KeyBank and Youa Yang, Digital Business Banking Program Director, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Small businesses use multiple bank channels to meet their needs. Not only are digital channels important, but human interactions continue to be incredibly valuable to the relationship. Understanding how, and more importantly, when to leverage technology to enhance the in-person experience is a balancing act that can be a struggle. KeyBank has found the right mix of technology to build their Small Business Wellness Review tool, which was born out of the need to enable bankers to have meaningful conversations with customers. KeyBank innovated every step of the in-branch experience to provide a multitude of benefits to their customers as well as their bankers.

Join Barlow Research for a one-hour webcast as we hear about how KeyBank’s Small Business Wellness Review has transformed their customer conversations at the branch. In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Barlow’s Voice of the Customer metrics on small business channel interactions
  • How KeyBank used human-centered design to build the Small Business Wellness Review
  • How the agile process improved speed to market
  • The comprehensive rollout strategy for small business acumen
  • How the analytics are a game changer for KeyBank

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in small business banking, digital business banking, customer experience, transformation, marketing, market research, innovation or strategy.

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