Driving Customer Satisfaction in the Middle Market Banking Segment posted 03/20/2023







Featuring: Megan Seitchik & Sarah Kietzman, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Customer satisfaction matters. Highly satisfied customers are more likely to repurchase from their primary bank when there is a need and are more likely to refer your bank to other companies. Among the Top 10 banks serving the middle market segment, TD Bank has achieved high ratings in these performance metrics.

In the middle market banking segment, brand attributes collectively explain approximately 90% of the variation in overall primary bank satisfaction. Additionally, key drivers can change year over year. In fact, a new key driver of overall satisfaction emerged this year, competitively priced service charges.

  • Changes in key drivers of overall bank and Account Officer satisfaction
  • Variation of brand attribute ratings between large, medium and small banks
  • Front line challenges and successes in building highly satisfied customer relationships

This presentation is designed for anyone involved in middle market or business banking strategy, transformation, agile teams, customer experience, relationship management, business development, sales, marketing, training, coaching, market research or line of business strategy.

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