Innovation in Practice: 2008 Monarch Innovation Award Winners posted 01/23/2008








Featuring our Monarch Innovation Award Jurists:
Jim Carroll - Leading author and futurist
Bob Leahy - Leading contributor to AFP's discussion lists
Larry Marks - President of Marks & Associates
John O'Connor - Consultant at Benchmark Consultants
Ken Parkinson - Managing Director with Treasury Information Services

Hear from our panel of thinkers, authors and consultants to the financial services industry about innovation. Our panelists recently served as judges for the Barlow Research Monarch Innovation Awards, where they were asked to rate products, features and customer service enhancements based on the following criteria: uniqueness, stickiness, defendability, value and ease of use.

Specifically, we will:

Talk about what is innovative in today's marketplace
Announce the recipients of the Monarch Innovation Awards
Examine the characteristics of the winning submissions
Discuss how these products/features/customer service enhancements can be improved upon
Suggest steps for incorporating an innovation management process into your institution's product development
Join Barlow's 60 minute Web and telephone conference to be held Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 at noon Eastern (11 am Central, 10 am Mountain, and 9 am Pacific). The discussion is designed for anyone involved in innovation, new product development or competitive intelligence.

There is no charge to attend this Web conference for members of any of Barlow Research's Small Business Banking, Business Internet Banking, or Middle Market Banking Research Programs. However, there is a charge of $350.00 USD per line for non-members of any of Barlow's syndicated research programs to attend this Web conference, so bring a group together to listen over coffee or lunch.

To Register:

Please click on the link below, push the "Enroll" button, complete your contact information and push the “Submit” button. You will receive payment instructions via email. Please note that you will not be receiving a presentation deck prior to the Web conference; however, a reminder email with the connection instructions will be sent to all registrants at noon on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008.

Please register before Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 at noon Central time to receive the connection instructions before the conference. For comments or questions contact Youa Yang or call Barlow Research at 763-253-1800.

Thank You.

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