Zelle® for Small Business Study

Zelle for Small Business Study

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Uncovering Zelle® for Small Business: Functionality and Customer Experience

Zelle for Small Business Study


After much anticipation, Zelle® is now servicing small businesses. Barlow Research's Zelle® for Small Business Study will uncover how four financial institutions are deploying Zelle® for small business customers by testing the functionality and customer experience using each institution's mobile application. Barlow Research will evaluate these institutions*

Bank of America Chase Regions U.S. Bank

This study will address the following:

  • Getting started with Zelle® (i.e. linking bank account to phone number / email address)
  • Capabilities to send, receive, request, etc.
  • Adding payees
  • Dollar limits and fees
  • Communications and notifications (i.e. when sending or receiving funds)
  • Error resolution approach and communications
  • Advertisements for Zelle®
  • Competitors to Zelle®
  • Highlights and opportunities


Study deliverables include:

  • Summary report
  • Narrated customer experience videos

Deliverables are scheduled for completion Fall 2019

*Adjustments will be made if Barlow Research becomes limited for any reason or a new offering comes to market during the time of testing.


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